Is a Commercial Cleaning Franchise Right For You?


Often new entrepreneurs who are looking to start a commercial cleaning business wonder whether buying a cleaning franchise is the right choice for them. There are arguments from both sides on whether joining franchise is the right thing to do or not so much.

Becoming part of a franchise within the cleaning industry definitely has a greater success rate than conventional independent commercial cleaning businesses.Teaming up with a well establish franchise brand awareness, technical support, training, different networks and a partnership. Most importantly though, your return on investment is much faster.

Realistically there are key advantages of buying a commercial cleaning franchise and much like with anything else in life, there is a downside with several disadvantages too.

One should consider a commercial cleaning franchise business only after asking them selves some questions.

Would you be a good manager?

Purchasing a commercial cleaning franchise is essentially managing a pre-developed company. You'd need to hire employees who'd fall in line with your thinking and buy into the concept of the franchisor has already set in place.

How good of a follower are you?

Franchising is all about following an existing set of rules and procedures which are defined by your franchisor. If you are a highly creative person, and enjoy being creative, innovative and open-minded, a franchise environment will only suffocate you as there will be no room for your creativity and ideas. A commercial cleaning franchise is built on the idea that the consumer will the exact same experience no matter which location they deal with.

Do you enjoy hard work?

Even though your partner (commercial cleaning franchise) will give you all the tools to get started, you're still on the hook to bring in new clientele and build numbers.

The above questions should be taken seriously, and if your answer is "No" to any of the above questions, maybe a commercial cleaning franchise is not right for you. And for those of you who answered "Yes" to all three of the above questions, here are a few truly good reasons to join a franchise.

Proven System

You're joining a proven system. Most franchise systems are established and tested for operating the business and making profits. Therefore, the probability for success is much higher due to the established support system.

Greater Support

Knowing that you're not alone in your business can be a good sigh of relief. Buying a commercial cleaning franchise offers you the benefit of not having to start from a scratch. You'll have the opportunity to take advantage of the available resources and established systems.

Larger Network

By becoming part of a franchise, you're essentially becoming part of a large network. Your buying power becomes much stronger. Rather than purchasing supplies locally, you can typically buy in volume and at greater discounts that have already been pre-negotiated by your franchisor.

Training & Support

Franchisors provide training programs at new franchise outlets. They are also involved in the promotion of the new outlets. The experience of the franchisor greatly benefits the franchisee by helping them evade common mistakes.


Source by Eddie Kadic